Maybelline Highlighting Blush Review

What it Says Online:

‘Light-boosting blushes and bronzers.

Because those in the know don’t overglow.

Each light-boosting blush and bronzer palette has an expert balance of 4 shades + shimmer for a natural glow.
Skin goes soft-lit with zero glitz.

  • 4 Blush Combinations for natural-looking color and illumination.
  • 2 Bronzer Combinations for a balanced bronze glow.
  • Fragrance Free. Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types.

For Best Results

Brush over all shades in the palette and gently sweep over cheekbones, brow bones, and temples, or anywhere light naturally touches the face.

Expert Tip: Blend all 4 shades together or use each one individually. Use shimmer shades for an increased highlighting effect under brow bones and darker shades below cheekbones for additional contouring and definition’.

My Thoughts:

The four blush shades are Nude which is a beige tone highlighting blush, Pink Rose which is a pink tone highlighting blush, Coral which is an orange tone highlighting blush and Mauve which is a darker pink/purple tone blush. I’ve been trying out the Pink Rose shade lately because it is suiting my skin tone more as it is Winter here in Australia and as I’m Irish I’m really pale especially in Winter. If you’ve read my other blog post you’ll know that I love a rose tone blush.

Being honest I have tried the bronze shades which are Light Bronze and Deep Bronze. I will try and review soon though.

My first impression of the blushers were great. The shades have something to suit everyone’s taste and skin tone. The packaging is sturdy and not as cheap as some other drugstore blushes I’ve been trying recently so I was impressed. The blush itself looks pretty tetras (lol) with a good mix of blush and highlighting powder. Each blush has 4 shades which are a mix of matte and shimmer blush shades and a highlighting shade. The blush flips up and there’s a section in the packaging with a small blusher brush. I don’t usually use these brushes but as brushes go it was pretty soft and definitely useable on the go. It would be the perfect addition to your handbag on a night out when you don’t want to take EVERYTHING!

The texture isn’t powdery and it feels smooth to touch. When you sweep your finger or brush over the whole pan you get an even amount of blush and highlighter and these together look really great. The product is not glittery. It is a really nice subtle shimmer which is perfect for a natural look and buildable for a more dramatic look.

I’ve been wearing the Pink Rose shade most often as I said above. I think it’s the right amount of highlighting for work. It lasts most of the day but not all day so you may need to touch up.

i think this product really compliments a number of make-up looks such as natural, dewy and dramatic which makes it a really versatile product.

If you have pale skin I think you will like Nude, Pink Rose and Coral but if you have an olive tone I’d recommend the shade Mauve.

I really love this product and would purchase again. I’d recommend everyone to give it a try and if you do let me know what you think.

Overall Rating:


Buy From:


This can be picked up in Priceline for $19.95 click here for more info


Sorry Ireland I can’t find anywhere this is available online

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