Favourite Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner-Rimmel London

What It Says Online:

‘Create the ultimate glamorous eye look with minimum efforts Runway inspired color stays put for long lasting impact Fine brush helps create precise line in just one stroke Transfer and smudge resistant formula Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested.’

In My Opinion

This has been my favourite liquid eyeliner for you years. I’ve used others and nothing has really compared. I always go back to this one and have purchased again and again.

The packaging is perfect. It has a long applicator which is also a twist cap into the eyeliner pot. The application brush is the perfect length; it is soft and bends like a paint brush. The brush is also thin which allows you to create a natural look or a more dramatic look.

I really love the colour which is black and opaque. It doesn’t take a number of coats to have a pigmented black line, one sweep and it’s on! It’s not glossy and dries matte.

The product is long lasting. It doesn’t crack off or become less pigmented as time goes on. It lasts my whole day in work which is about 8 hours.

I wouldn’t say it is super quick drying. It does take a couple of minutes so give yourself some time to put this on as it may transfer on your lid if you go out before it dries.

This comes off easily for me with a face wipe which I like because I don’t like rubbing my eyes harshly to get a product off.

I definitely recommend you to try this regardless of your budget. It’s inexpensive and works perfectly. Beginners may find this tricky to use but practise makes perfect!

Overall Rating:


Buy From:


6.99 Euro



$11.95 AUD



$5.69 USD



5.29 GDP


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