August Bellabox Unboxing

Hey Girls,

I got my August Bellabox yesterday and thought I’d share what I got..

IMG_1038 (1)

The first thing I see is a sample of the Batiste Medium/Brown Dry Shampoo. I love Batiste Dry Shampoo. It’s great for using between washes to freshen up your hair and add volume. My favourite is the one that has a Tropical scent just because I like the smell. I’ve never tried this one so I’m excited to try it out. This one has a hint of colour so I’m interested to see how that works out considering the others I’ve tried come spray out white.

The RRP for 200ml is $12.95. Available at

Next I see a Pilaten Collagen Lip Mask. I’ve seen this on Instagram recently and it looks like a really fun product to use. These masks are apparently really popular in Asia and have been made popular by celebrities such as Lady Gaga. I’m looking forward to trying this out and no doubt I’ll put a picture on Instagram when I do. It’s supposed to plump up lips and add moisture so I’ll try this out after the weekend of using my favourite matte lippys that can tend to dry out my lips.

The RRP for this is $4.95 each or 3 masks for $10. Available from

The third product is a full size Chapstick Night Repair. This isn’t the exciting product but hey, it’s handy to have a lip balm, right?! I’ll definitely use it.

The RRP for this is $6.99 for a tube. Available at

The fourth product I got was a 5ml sample of Tandhk Prestige. I’m so glad I don’t do videos because I wouldn’t be able to pronounce this! It’s a cream for spots and blemishes and it promises to reduce redness and irritation. These products are always handy to have. I thankfully don’t have acne anymore but I do get the odd breakout so I’ll be keeping this handy to try out when the next breakout comes.

The RRP for this is $50.00 for 15ml. Available at

The next product is a full size Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara. This in my opinion is the best product in the box and the best I received in any Bellabox so far. I can’t wait to try this out. The black and gold packaging is really classy.

The RRP for this is $23.95. Available at

The last product I got was a sample of Dermal Therapy Heel Balm Platinum. Luckily I don’t have any issues with my feet but I’ll probably use this coming into summer when I’m giving myself a pedicure.

The RRP for this is $13.95 for 75g. Available at most pharmacies

All in all I’m really happy with this box and I really like 3 out of 6 products and will use all of them. This is typical because I actually cancelled my subscription the other day. My reason for doing this is because I really want a subscription box of makeup samples. My last couple of boxes have mostly been skincare items. This box is great for anyone who wants a mixture of makeup and skincare products. I’ve recently joined Lust Have It and The Parcel so I will let you know what I get in those.

Bellabox is $15.95 a month plus postage and packaging which is $2.95. To subscribe to Bellabox click on the link below:

If you subscribe to Bellabox let me know what you got.

Louise xoxoxo

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