Nars Laguna Review: Perfect Bronzer for Pale Skin

Hey Girls,

One staple item that everyone needs in their collection is a good bronzer that can potentially be used in a number of ways. I have found just that in Nars Laguna. I had heard about this when I first bought it almost a year ago.  I must have been feeling a bit flush when the girl at the counter convinced me I needed it. I had been a drugstore bronzer kinda gal for years! I’m so glad I bought this bronzer because I use it in a number of ways.

Product Description & Claims:

‘A hero of the Nars colour collection, this globally award winning bronzing powder creates a warm, natural sun-kissed glow and contour for the face.’

My Thoughts:

This is a brown bronzer which is not orange whatsoever unlike traditional drugstore bronzer that I had been buying. It is mostly matte with a hint of shimmer so it looks extremely natural and slightly glowy. It’s not too pigmented so you’d have to be extremely heavy handed to go overboard. I really like this because I’m quite pale and if I go overboard with bronzer it just looks so wrong.


This product is so versatile! I used this as a contour product when I’m natural with no fake tan which is pretty much all the time. When I wear fake tan it’s a great bronzer. I also use this as an eyeshadow base during the week or when I’m feeling lazy. It’s a really good base colour and creates an easy and quick eye look without much effort.

IMG_1869 (1)

It’s really long lasting on the face, lasting most of the day. The product itself is long lasting. I have mine almost a year and it has hit pan but I’m not running out. Keep in mind that I use this every single day and sometimes twice if I’m going out.

The only downside I will say is the packaging. It is the typical black Nars packaging with white logo. I’m not a fan of Nars packaging because it tends to get a bit grubby looking. Not something you want when you’re buying expensive products.


All in all I seriously love this product. I’ll be repurchasing when this one runs out.

Overall Rating:


Buy From:

Ireland: 38 Euro,4,brand,nars,narsmakeup,

Australia: $58

USA: $38

Would love to hear about your favourite bronzer is. Comment below and let me know.

Louise xxx

9 thoughts on “Nars Laguna Review: Perfect Bronzer for Pale Skin

  1. Lily says:

    Such a pretty bronzer! ! Ive never tried it but heard so mu ch about it. Ive been using my bobbi brown bronzer for a longgg time!!


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