Packing for your Working Holiday in Australia

Hi Everyone,

I’m back for ‘Travel Thursdays’ on a sunny day in Melbourne. Finally we’re in spring and the sun is out, yipee! Today’s post is about packing for your working holiday visa. I know when I was first packing I didn’t have a clue what to bring or where to start or how everything would fit so I’m here to offer you some help!

Packing for your travels can feel really overwhelming because it all starts to feel very real. It can be really difficult to back your whole life into one suitcase. I cried so many times packing and unpacking and then finally closing my case! It may seem over dramatic to feel this way if you’re still only planning your trip but even though it’s exciting, it’s really scary too. I think this because you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know what you’ll need.

I recommend packing a mixture of clothes to keep you warm as well as cool. Winters are cold and it does rain (Home and Away lied!). How harsh the winter is will all depend on where you go. Victoria is one of the colder states being so far south, Tasmania will be cold too. Summers will reach 40’s and up so packing a mixture of clothes is important. You’ll need a selection of your winter wardrobe and your summer wardrobe to cover all bases.

I recommend packing basics as these are just as expensive as even fancier clothes here. Stocking up on pennies finest undies and plain tops, tights and pyjamas will really help. Pack a light coat with a hood because it will rain. Bring clothes that you can wear for work. Most office jobs here are quite laid back and you can wear dressy casual. I recommend stocking up on shoes and heels because anything decent is really expensive. I recommend all guys to pack a suit, shirt and tie. Even if you’re a tradie and won’t need one for work you will definitely need one. Race days are really popular and suits are extremely expensive. Bring your runners as they’re about $120 and up depending on what you want.  Girls, bring your favourite makeup. You might find you’ll be buying cheaper options when you run out because sightseeing is going to become more important.

Top Tips:

  • Use vacuum bags to make sure you fit everything in your case.
  • Wait to buy heavy items such as toiletries and towels.
  • Try not to stress over packing. Anything you forget can be replaced or sent to you.

If you’d like specific advice please comment below or contact me via Facebook or email.

Louise xoxo

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