Skin Physics Derma Sonic: Power Cleansing Brush Review

Hey Fellow Beauty Lovers!

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favourite beauty finds this year that I got at a complete bargain price and it’s the Skin Physics Derma Sonic. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Clarasonic Mia and this is basically a cheaper version with some added extras.

I was initially really interested in buying the Clarasonic Mia because every beauty lover I know has said that this product has completely changed their skin. Due to the price I was doing my research on the Mia but stumbled across the Derma Sonic and I’m so happy that I did.

Products Claims: 

“Makes skin more receptive to absorbing your skincare ingredients” Sunday Life Mag

Help make your creams and serums work more effectively with Derma Sonic Power Cleansing Brush. Proper cleansing is a critical, but often over-looked step in your skincare regime. Our Power Cleansing Brush uses sonic frequency to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently removes make-up, dirt and oil.

Designed for use on the face and body, with three different speeds and unique body cleansing modes.


  • Cleansing system for face and body

  • Sonic movement offers deep yet gentle cleansing

  • Designed for comfort and speed

My Thoughts:

This product comes with 3 removable brush heads. One is a large brush for your body, one is a small sensitive brush for the face and the one that comes on the Derma Sonic is a small normal brush head for the face.

Skin Physics Derma Sonic Brush Heads

I think it’s fantastic that the brush options come with the Derma Sonic because I’m told you have to buy the different brush heads with the Mia. I’m also happy that the sensitive brush cane with the Derma Sonic because I personally found the normal brush too harsh on my skin but that’s probably because I do have sensitive skin and suffer from dry patches.

The Derma Sonic comes with instructions which says to wet your skin and the brush and then to gently move the brush across your face. You brush your forehead for 20 seconds, each cheek for 15 and nose and chin for 20 seconds.
I follow the above instructions after I clean my makeup off using Micellar water. I figure the brush gets rid of all the remaining makeup and it will help the brush last longer.


There’s four speed settings which means you can customise how you use the Derma Sonic. I found this really  good for my sensitive skin . There’s a low, medium, high and pro speed. There’s also a pulsing mode. On all setting the bristles vibrate and there’s also a section of dark brushes that spin around for an added clean.

Apparently there’s a bit of confusion surrounding the timing of the brush. Some peoples Derma Sonic runs constantly until you turn it off, some stop automatically after 1 minute and others stop after 30 seconds. Mine stops after 30 seconds which doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit of course it is something to note.

I use this product twice a week for a deep clean this is only because my skin is extremely sensitive at the moment. Since using it I’ve noticed so many positive changes. My skin is much more clear and bright. My acne scars are less obvious which is amazing. My moisturiser sinks into my skin a lot easier rather than sitting on top. This is huge for me at the moment because I suffer from dry patches in winter.

If you use this you will be so shocked at the amount of makeup that comes off even after you clean your face as normal. I thought I was doing great to cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday but I was still removing makeup with the Derma Sonic.

I love using the Derma Donic. It feels like you give your skin a home facial, my skin is soft after using and my makeup applies much easier after use.
I love been using this for months and haven’t had to charge it yet! It comes with a cradle and charger which it sits into so it will be really easy to charge when the time comes.

Overall Rating:


Buy From: 


$99.99 from Priceline. Click here for more info.

I really recommend this product. Just to note that I’ve never actually tried the Clarasonic Mia so I’ve only compared what I know. I’ve some links to other posts below which might be of interest.

Skin Physics & Clarasonic Mia Comparison Review

Skin Physics Derma Sonic & Clarasonic Mia

Comment below or write to me on Facebook. Let me know if you tried this or the Mia and give me your thoughts. I love hearing from you.

Louise xxx

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