Essence Lip Liner Review: Must Have Affordable Lip Liner

Hi Girls,

My most used lip liners this year have been the Essence Lip Liners. If you haven’t tried these yet you just need to. They’re such good quality and so affordable. In fact, they’re cheap as chips and there’s absolutely no need to buy an expensive lip liner once you have these!

Product Claims: 

‘the cool lipliner colors ensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips. a practical effect: the lipliner is smudge-proof and especially long-lasting.’

My Thoughts: 

These lips liners are soft, buttery and very easy to apply. They don’t bleed and they stop lipstick from bleeding too. They easily blend in with a lipstick and the colours I have even look great on their own with just some lip balm which feels like you’re getting two for the price of one.

These are extremely long lasting lip liners which I was so surprised about considering the price. They make my lipstick last even longer too and I’m talking about half a day in work or more!

They have 6 shades available and the colour options are great.  There’s something to suit everyone and every lipstick shade. I’ve got 3 so far but I’ll definitely be collecting them all. The colours I have are Wish Me A Rose, Soft Berry and Femme Fatale.

Wish Me A Rose is a gorgeous pink colour. It’s perfect with nude lipsticks and pink lipsticks.


Soft Berry reminds me of something Kylie Jenner would wear. It’s a dark brown shade with plum undertones. It’s great with nude lipsticks for a 90’s look or I love to use this with purple lipstick too.


This one looks dramatic but I think it looks great with this Wet N’ Wild purple lipstick.


Femme Fatale is red shade with pink undertones . It looks great with pink or red lipsticks. It’s a great match for MAC’s Ruby Woo.


I paired this with a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 111 for the below look.


I 100% recommend these to everyone whose into beauty or even younger girls wanting to experiment. There’s absolutely no need to buy expensive lip liners if you have these.

Overall Rating: 


Buy From:


You can pick this up in Priceline for $2 each. Click here for info


You can pick these up in most pharmacies or Pennys for I think 1 euro

I also love  the Essence Silky Touch Blush. Click here for my review and details.

Comment below or on Facebook and tell em about your favourite affordable makeup finds.

Louise xxx

9 thoughts on “Essence Lip Liner Review: Must Have Affordable Lip Liner

  1. Nadia says:

    I have had some Essence nail colors which were not too good quality, but I have never tried their lipsticks or lip liners before. I’ll check them out, especially since the brand is so affordable. Thanks!

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