Lust Have It Unboxing September 2015

Hey Everyone,

I thought I’d share what I got in my Lust Have It. This one is the second one I received and unfortunately September’s only arrived in October. To be honest this doesn’t REALLY bother me, I mean if it’s a once off it can be excused in my book especially because I’m really happy with what I got.

For those of you that don’t know, Lust Have It is a monthly subscription of beauty products that comes in a handy makeup type bag. I really like this idea because I would reuse the bag for my makeup whereas if it was a box I’d throw it out. So far I’ve been really happy with what I’ve received from Lust Have It.

This month I received 7 products, 3 of which are full size and 4 samples which I think is really good. I subscribed to other companies in the past and in my opinion I didn’t get as many full size products with them.

The Products I Received:

Lust Have It Unboxing September 2015

The first thing I got is an Ofra Lip Liner.  This was one of the full size products and the RRP of this product is $19.50. It claims to be water resistant and suitable for sensitive eyes and lips. This sounds good to me because I have sensitive skin. The shade I got is wine which is more of a dark nude/mauve colour. It would go perfect with the likes of MAC’s Velvet Teddy Lipstick.

The second product is another full size one. It’s the Designer Brands Twist & Go Instant Nail Polish Remover. It’s one of those small tubs that you dip your finger in, twist it and it then removes your nail polish. The RRP of this product is $4.99. I think this is a really clever idea and I would really like it if I painted my nails. Unfortunately I bite mine (horrible I know!) so I won’t be using this one. I’m happy with it all the same and I’m sure I will find a good home for it.

The third thing I got is a sample of the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste. The RRP of this one is $5.49 for 150ml. I haven’t tried this one yet and I’m all about having white teeth (who isn’t?!) so I’m happy to have this to try out.

The fourth and fifth products I got are samples of Keratase. One is a shampoo and one is a hair mask. The full size shampoo retails at $42 and the mask retails at $60. The samples are a generous size so I’m really glad I get to try these out.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Keratase and have really wanted to try out their products.

The sixth product is a full size lip tint from UB Cosmetics. It retails at $23. I did get one of these in a Bellabox before and luckily for me it was a different shade so I haven’t doubled up! These don’t seem to have shades on them but this is an orangey/red colour that is really bright so it’s perfect for Spring/Summer. The product is said to last 10 hours which I completely believe as a friend in work tried out hers and it lasted ALL day! I love any lipstick I don’t have to keep reapplying so this is a winner in my book.

The last product I got is a sample of Your Tea Skin Magic Tea. The RRP is $35 USD per box of 60. The tea claims to rejuvenate skin, clear cystic, sore pimples and also hydrate the skin. This sounds like big promises to me. I like tea so I’ll try it out but I’m not sure how many results I’ll see after one bag.

All in all I’m extremely happy with this month’s Lust Have it. I will definitely use 6 of the 7 items which is pretty good in my book. I can’t wait to get next month’s already!

Lust Have It is $19.95 for a monthly subscription. If you are interested in signing up click here for more info

Louise xxx

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