Working Holiday Visa Australia: Tips For Getting A Job

Hey Everyone,

This week’s Travel Thursday is all about finding a job in Australia. This is probably the number one concern of everyone coming to Australia. The important thing is to be prepared money wise. If the search happens to take longer than expected, this will mean that you’re stress free when it comes to your job hunt.

Finding a job will depend on your qualifications and work experience to date. If you have a qualification I recommend that you check your degree or certificates are recognised in Australia and if they aren’t find out what you need to do for them to become recognised. For example I know that teachers and nurses need to complete paperwork to be able to practice in Australia. This can take some time to complete and lodge so you’ll need to enquire about time-frames this usually takes and possibly the costs involved too.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to make sure your CV us up to date. CV’s are also a bit different here. In Ireland they’re quite short and to the point whereas here they’re approximately 3-4 pages with more detail into your experience and skills. You can find out how to make your CV more Australian by clicking here. Have a tailored cover letter for every job application. Remember, this is your time to shine so make sure to include all relevant skills and experience.

Make sure to have some typed references from past employers. With the time difference it will be much easier to show these rather than prospect employers trying to make phone calls overseas.

Permanent or Temporary Position?

If you’re on a working holiday visa you’ll be looking for a temporary job. There’s no point in looking for anything permanent because it’s waste of your time. The good news is temp jobs are easy to come by and are really popular. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door if you are planning on becoming a temporary resident or hoping to get sponsored. If this is something you’re hoping for then do your research. Some companies do not offer sponsorship and others do all the time.

Office Work:

This is what I know must about because this is what I was hunting for. I recommend joining up to every agency you can find in the city you live in. Agencies will advertise positions online using their website and If there’s an email address included on their website then email them and I always recommend following up on every application with a phone call. This will show initiative! For a list of job agencies in Australia click here. 

Other Tips:

If you are into GAA then I recommend joining a club. It’s similar to home where there’s a sense of community and people will help you out with getting set up with a job.

Gumtree is good to use if you want to work in a café or restaurant. From my experience, any office jobs on here are using outbound, cold calling sales jobs that are a complete waste of time. I know so many people that wasted days training with companies that do this and it ends up being commission based with ridiculous targets. I don’t recommend this.

Facebook groups for Irish Around Australia are really great! If you post on your local Irish Around page saying what sort of job you’re looking for then you will get replies from people offering advice or giving you leads for places with opening positions. People also post on there if the company they work for is hiring. I can’t rate these Facebook groups highly enough.

Irish Around Australia

Irish Around Melbourne

Irish Around Sydney

Irish Around  Perth

Irish Around Darwin

Irish Around Brisbane

If you have any questions or can offer anyone advice please comment below or write to me on Facebook.

Louise xxx

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