Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Review & Swatches

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Today is a really exciting post as it included details of my very first GIVEAWAY so stay tuned!!!

I recently bought my first Chi Chi Cosmetics products. I’ve been seeing this brand everywhere lately and being beauty obsessed I obviously had to go out and buy. I was over the moon to spot some amazing deals on their new palettes and collections in Myer . When I spotted the Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette I wasn’t expecting much because you get so much in this palette for $30 but once I got home and swatched them I was completely blown away! This is amazing value for money so today I’m going to be telling you all about it.

My Thoughts:

So this palette comes with 24 eye shadows, 3 highlighters, 3 blushes and 2 bronzes. It has a wide variety of colours, shades, textures and finishes that would suit anyone and help you to create so many different looks.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Review

First up is the first row of eyeshadows. All of these have a matte finish. This row has a lot of colours suitable for a base colour and a couple of dark ones on the end. The first three are really pale. Although you can’t see them clearly in my picture they are cool, creamy colours that look nice in real life. I love the shadow in the middle which I’ve been using all over the lid for a natural day time look. The second last is a warm tone brown and the last is a cool tone. This row is slightly chalky but I think this would be sorted with an eyeshadow primer.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches

The next row is the row that sold the whole palette for me. These shimmer shadows are to die for. They are so soft, pigmented and buttery. The picture just doesn’t do them justice because they are stunning! There’s a great mix of cream, gold, copper and bronze shades that can bring any day time look to night. AMAZING!

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Palette Swatches

Here is a swatch of  Naked 3 eye shadow ‘Trick’ and a copper shade from this palette. Can you tell the difference?! Well, the first is the Naked 3 and the second is by Chi Chi. Such a close dupe!

Chi Chi Extravanganza Face Palette Naked 3 swatch

The third row is a mix of matte and shimmers. The mattes in this row are much better than the first, all the shadows in this row are again buttery and pigmented. The shades are wearable and also slightly unusual with a rust shadow and a peach one too. I love this row as well!

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches

The last row of shadows are the brightest ones that are great for summer or experimenting with your look. They are mostly purple with a turquoise and copper thrown in for good measure. They are again a mix of matte and shimmer shades with only one more chalky in the purple on the end.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches
Next are the highlighters. I am so impressed with these. I have used them all and love them all. The first is a yellow toned gold, the second is a more subtle pink toned and the last is a peach toned. There’s not a hint of glitter in sight with any of these highlights and they are as good as any high end brand that I’ve tried.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches

The three blushes have a mix of matte and shimmer. The first is a peach toned blush which has a subtle shimmer, the middle one is a rose coloured matte blush which is more on the peach side of Rose. The third reminds me of the finish of Nars Orgasm but it’s definitely more orange in colour. I love how there’s a number of different textures in the blush choices but I personally would have loved a more pink toned choice in there too.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches

The last section is two bronzes. One is matte and one is shimmer. I really like both of them and I know I will get great use out of them.

Choose Chi Chi Extravaganza Face Palette Swatches

All of the shades that I have tried have been really long lasting and none of them have creased. Some of the matte shades are a little disappointing but the majority are really really good quality for the price. The shimmer shadows didn’t seem to have any fallout whatsoever which I was really happy about. This palette gets a HUGE thumbs up from me.

Overall Rating: 


Buy From:

I picked this up from Myer for $30

I can’t find this exact palette online but Chi Chi Cosmetics have other palettes available with international shipping. Check out their website here

I’m honestly blown away by this whole palette. It is great quality and so versatile. I fell in love with this palette instantly, so much so that I had to buy another so I could do a giveaway. So if you are interested in winning one of these amazing palettes then click on this link for more info.

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