Irish in Australia-How To Send Gifts To Loved Ones in Ireland

Hey Everyone!

So it’s coming to that time of year again and you’ve more than likely decided on whether you’re going home for Christmas or if you’re going to stay in Australia. If you’ve decided to stay here you’ll be thinking of gifts for your family and friends and my number one recommendation is to AVOID buying anything in Australia and attempting to send it home. It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg if you do.

Anyone that’s sent anything home before will have realised that sending anything is expensive. Reason being is Australia is obviously so far away and it’s expensive enough to get around Australia, never mind out of it.
Australia Post will be your cheapest option if you do go down the route of sending something because one they are government owned/subsidised and logically courier companies are more expensive (I know because I work for one!)
So! What’s your next option I hear you ask?! Shop online and get things delivered to home and avoid the unnecessary hassle, cost and deadlines.
I do this for every big occasion whether it be a birthday, Christmas or just a spur of the moment gift. I’ll send my sister and nieces gift to my parents and visa versa. If the company I buy from doesn’t gift wrap my mam or my sister will wrap each other’s. You’ll be so surprised about the gifts you can get online and delivered.
You then send cards via Moonpig or even post them as it won’t be too expensive. You’ll just need to keep in mind the postal deadlines!
I’ve put together a a gift guide for you all to have a look at so click here for more info!
If you’ve any questions at all please send me a message or come say hi on my other social media
Louise xxx

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