Working Holiday Visa Australia: Gift Ideas For Loved Ones In Ireland

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my gift guide for Irish people living abroad that want to send gifts to loved ones at home! If you haven’t checked out my last post on my advice for sending gifts, click here for more details. This is a good guide for Christmas or any other occasion!

Hotel Packages

These are not any old boring vouchers! A couple of times I’ve gotten my parents vouchers for packages in gorgeous hotels. Most hotels I’ve looked up will give the option to send the voucher via email or post so if you send by post then it’s sort of already wrapped! Some hotels do packages and others you can select a euro amount! Check out my favourites below:

The Merrion Hotel-My parents loved their stay here and said it was a real treat from start to finish. I was delighted! There’s also the option to by vouchers for Afternoon Tea instead which is a good option for a girls day out!

Four Seasons Carlingford– My parents also loved their stay here. Carlingford is also a really nice place to have some down time and go for walks and just relax!


A number of sites in Ireland give you the option for a flower delivery service. You can pick your bouquet and then type out your note which is really cute! It’s a lovely surprise for the person receiving them because they’ll have no idea it’s from you until they read the card.  I used Interflora. There;s lots of price options so you don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t have it.


You could send a balloon in a box. This is a cute idea for a child on their birthday or even an adult to celebrate an engagement or new born. I used a company called Balloon Factory  for my niece’s birthday and the balloon floated out when she opened the box. She loved it!


There’s some lovely websites that have hampers made up to order and build your own hampers with options for wine, chocolate and sweets and teddy a for kids. I like Irish Gourmet  because there’s so many options!


The great thing about Amazon is the choice in products and the option for gift cards and wrapping so you don’t need to worry about that wrapping part when you use this site.

Shopping Local! 

It’s nice to just buy someone a meal on you in their favourite local place to eat. Sometimes there’s an option online to buy a gift voucher and sometimes not. Depending on who it’s for I’ll ask a family member to go into the restaurant and provide my card details and this has been s good option. Obviously you can only do this with people you trust!

Beauticians and Salons

Usually the salon will have a website and option to buy a voucher online. I love when there’s spa packages available because who doesn’t love to be pampered!

Tickets to a Show or Concert

It’s simple and something to look forward to! Look on Ticketmaster or  MCD for announcements.

Shopping Online In General

There’s so many options these days and something to suit everyone, from beauty products to clothes and jewelry. I like to use department stores and that way I can buy gifts to suit more than one person and I don’t have to pay for delivery twice.  It’s easier to track the delivery too if it’s coming from one place. I think Debenhams, Arnotts, Brown Thomas and Marks and Spencer are a great option.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my ideas for gifts. These are just some of things I’ve done in the past that have worked out so much better and cheaper.

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