Working Holiday Visa Australia: Gift Guide For Loved Ones in Australia

Hey Everyone!!!

Last week I did s gift guide for those of you in Australia wanting to send gifts to people back home. You can check that out here. This week is a gift guide for either people on a working holiday visa or someone whose moved to Australia.

In my opinion the best kind of gift you can give someone on their travels is a gift that gives them more great memories of their trip. These gifts could be experiences or trips away.

For adventure seekers, I recommend you check out This site is a one stop shop for the dare devil in your life. Two years ago I bought my boyfriend a skydive. It was really easy to pay for and book and the best part is you don’t have to pick your dates straight away. The skydive was really easy to book once we’d decided on the date and we even got a slot two days after Christmas. He said this was an amazing experience and I think it was a great present (if I do say so myself)!

This site also has other things like helicopter trips, shark dives, quad biking and any other adventurous thing you can think of! And no, this is not an ad, I’m speaking from personal experience of using the site!

I also recommend you check out a site called This site a mix of adventure, romantic getaways, spa days, wine tours and other day trips. You can even buy a gift voucher for the site if you’re unsure about what to get.

If you’re looking to plan a trip away then I’d check out the discount site such as Scoopon, Groupon and Living Social. These have great deals everyday for luxury escapes and tours. Your bound to pick up a deal if you’re looking to do a bit of travelling around Australia or surrounding countries.

For those that miss  home comforts check out  This site is full of the food you miss including proper Irish meats and batch bread! What more could you want on Christmas Day!

If your missing shops at home such as Pennys then you need to check out Little Luxuries From Home. These girls agave been in Australia and know what it’s like to miss certain shops and brands you can’t get in Australia. They’ve now set up a personal shopping service in Ireland and if you send them the link to something you want to buy, they will buy it and ship it for you. I think it’s s great idea because I seriously miss Pennys!

I hope my gift guide has given you some ideas! Don’t forget to check out my other travel posts for tips and advice! Come say hiya on Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin’

Louise xxx

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