Michael Todd Skincare Review

Hi Dolls,

If you’re looking for a really good skincare kit for the Winter or if you have dry skin then this review is not one to miss. Aisling from Dramatic Mac and Melanie Murphy included some Michael Todd skincare products in their skincare routine and monthly favourites this year so as soon as an offer was available on Ozsale I snapped up a skincare pack. The pack I got was the   Skincare Discovery kit for dry skin and I’ve been really impressed with the kit.
I love that the products contain active and natural ingredients.

Product Claims

A replenishing skincare regimen that delivers instant and lasting moisture and leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated.

Each high-performance product in the Dry Skin Skincare Kit is formulated with a synergistic blend of powerful, moisture-binding actives and healing organics that preserve the skin’s protective oils—the best defense against harmful drying elements like the sun and wind.

You can read more about the claims here.

My Thoughts

In the kit is a cleanser, toner, scrub, mosturiser and face mask so I’ll run through my thoughts on each because you can buy the seperately if you don’t want the whole kit. I know there’s only 4 products in the picture but I can’t find the tube of mosturiser that came with this unfortunately.

Cleanser: Skin Defender Aha
The cleanser comes with a handy pump which is great because it allows you dispense small amounts of the product. No waste…yay!
The scent is so gorgeous! It reminds me of going to a beauty spa and getting a really nice facial so it’s part of the reason I love this.
I really like this cleanser, it removes my makeup and leaves my face soft and squeaky clean.
Although I only got 50ml of this cleanser it’s lasted a really long time so I think this is great value for money.

Tropical Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant Scrub
This scrub smells just as good as the cleanser but it is more fruity. It comes in a tube and you just squeeze the product out.
It strikes a good balance between a gentle and coarse scrub. It’s definitely helped to remove any dry, dead skin from my nose which I was suffering badly with last winter.
I don’t find it gentle enough to use every day but I use it probably about twice a week. I’ve had good results using this. My skin feels much softer and even after using it for a couple of months.

Toner: Blue Green Algae
This is probably the only product in the pack that I didn’t particularly like, I found it really really stung my face. My lips especially felt really sore. It didn’t make my skin red or anything like that but it felt really uncomfortable. I tried it a couple of times and each time was the same so I gave up on it.

Mosturiser: Citrus Cream
The mosturiser was one of my favourite things in the pack. It comes in a tube which you squeeze out,
This again smelt amazing! It is really hydrating and left my skin really really soft. It was definitely one of my saviors for the winter.

Face Mask: Avocado and Mango
This mask comes in a tube however the full size comes in a dispenser. I’ve gone through a lot of this because I loved it so much.
It smells really refreshing so it’s really pleasant to leave on and just sit back and relax. It’s a cream that goes into a paste when you leave it on and you can really notice the hydrating effects straight away.
After using my skin feels more plump and soft. I’ve gone through the whole tube and I’m really glad I bought an extra full size version of this one.

Overall I love this whole kit. The products smell luxurious and make having a facial at home really worthwhile.
I’d 100% buy the kit again and if I were to buy them seperatley  the only thing I would leave would be the toner.
Buy From:
Everyone can pick these up onlinethrough the Michael Todd site
The kit costs $64. Click here for info
The kit costs 64 euro. Click here for more info
Have you tried anything from this skincare range?
Louise xxx
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