Snapchat: My Snapchat & People You Need To Follow

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I created a snapchat for my blog which if I’m honest I’ve been a little nervous about but also excited about too! Snapchat shows a more personal side to people’s lives which is partly why I’m nervous but you also get to connect with people that have similar interests which I’m looking forward to. I love following people on snapchat, especially Irish people just because it makes me still feel a bit connected to home. Today I’m going to tell you about the people I think you should follow and tell you a bit about what you can expect from me!

My Snapchat

Username: beyoutyfulyou


My snapchat is going to be a bit of an extension of my blog which will give you more of an insight into my life and my hobbies. I’m Irish living in Melbourne so if you’re interested in seeing what the city has to offer then you need to watch my snaps. I will be travelling to New Zealand, New Caledonia and Sydney at Christmas time so I’ll take you along too!

I have a shopping problem and I get way too many deliveries for one person, everyone at work has noticed lol! If you like hauls then I’ll show all the things I buy. It will be mostly beauty stuff with fashion thrown in between. You’ll get some sneak peeks to my giveaways and also hear more about the products that work and don’t work for me.

I also fancy myself as a bit of a chef and love cooking so if you’d like to see some mostly healthy recipes then tune in!

I want to hear from you and people with similar interests too so get snapping!


Grace from Facesbygrace

Username:  facesbygrace23

Grace was the first person I ever followed on Snapchat and she’s always the one I watch first. She is so down to earth and seems like a lovely person. You’ll see her with and without makeup up, when she’s happy, excited or sad. She talks about a lot of things going on in her life from her interests in beauty, fashion, health and fitness. She talks about the amazing opportunities coming her way and she talks about mental illness too. She’s very relatable and that’s why you need to follow her!


Rosemary MacCabe Deputy Editor of Stellar Magazine

Username: rosemarymaccabe

Rosemary is downright hilarious! You need to follow her for her rants alone, she says what we are all thinking. She’s embarked on a new fitness and health kick so following her journey is very relatable and inspiring. Follow her journey to getting some abs!


Joanne Larby from

Username: themakeupfairy

Joanne just comes across as such a lovely down to earth person. She recently released a book and launched a website so seeing all the behind the scenes is really interesting and exciting. She’s big into fashion, makeup and fitness and I’m always really interested in all the things she has to say. If you’re interested in seeing how far your blog can go then you need to follow Joanne.


Lorraine Haigney from John, It’s Only mMakeup

Username: lorrainehaigney

Lorraine’s personality really shines in her blog and she’s even funnier on snapchat. She’s really honest when it comes to reviewing beauty products and she really knows her stuff. I always read her blog and watch her snapchats because I trust what she says and it just feels like you’re sitting down with her having a chat.


Susan from It’s Cherry Sue Doin’ The Do

Username: itscherrysue

Sue is one of those rays of sunshine. She’s a talks about beauty and ‘things that rustle her jimmies’. She’s really kind and is always doing things for others which is so heart-warming to watch.  She takes you along to events and launch parties which are really interesting and she always has great advice for bloggers.


Sharon Leavy from Behind Green Eyes

Username: sharonleavy

Sharon is hilarious mother of 3!  I always watch her story because I know it will make me laugh. She has great one liners and just says what she thinks, I love it! She loves books, makeup, stationary and pretty much a lot of other things that every girl loves too.


Lisa Jordan from Just Jordan

Username: justjordanblog

Lisa is one of those snappers that brightens my mood. She is so funny and comes across as really sweet. She’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger who seriously knows how to put an outfit together.


Sinead Kavanagh from Beautiful Truth

Username: thebeautruth

Sinead makes me feel like my spending habits are normal lol! She is obsessed with makeup probably even more so than me. Her beauty recommendations are always honest and on point. You can always trust her advice.


Marissa Carter owner of Coco Brown Tan

Username: cartermarissa

Marissa has worked in the beauty industry for a long time and is a total expert at this stage. You’ll get to see behind the scenes of Coco Brown including some sneek peaks into any new product launches. She also shares inspiring business ideas and gives beauty related advice.


James Butler from Jus De James

Username: jamespatrice

You need to follow this guy. He is HILARIOUS! I never thought seeing someone frightening their mum over and over again would be as funny as this is but she has no idea she’s being recorded! On top of this he has hilarious one liners and his rants are just so funny.


I follow a tonne of other people on snapchat but obviously can’t name them all! These are the people I watch without fail every single day.

Comment below and tell me who your favourite snappers are because I love following new people!

Louise xxx

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