Lust Have It Unboxing November 2015

Hi Girls,

I got my Lust Have It yesterday and thought I’d share what I got this month.

For those of you that don’t know, Lust Have It is an Australian subscription bag for beauty lovers. You pay a set amount each month and get some samples or full size new products to try. The value is much higher than the amount you pay!


The first thing I got is a Manna Kadar Lip Chubbie in the shade Cupid. This is a full size product with a value of $24. I LOVE this colour, it’s so me. It seems really nice and creamy. It says it has a built in primer with vitamins that nourish the lips so I’m really happy to get this and try it out.



The next thing I got is a deluxe sample of Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Concealer. The full size costs $19.80. I got a light colour which looks perfect for my skin tone. It feels light and creamy and the finish seems to be sheer and natural. I like trying out new concealers so I’m also very happy with this one.


The third product is a full size Coral Colours Love Lips. The value is $6.99. There were 6 shades available and the shade I got is Pretty Poppy which looks to be a bright red colour. I’ve always wanted to try a lip balm this shape but because it’s really bright it might be hard not to make a mess.


The fourth product is a 5ml deluxe sample of Garnier Miracle Day Cream. The full size which is 50ml costs $19.99. I’m really intrigued by this cream because it comes out white and when you rub it in it adjusts to your skin colour. I’m looking forward to trying this out at the weekend because it might come in handy for my holidays in a few weeks!


The fifth product is a full size of Ulta3 Cream Blush Stick. The value is $6.95. There were four shades available and the shade I got was Wild Rose. I’m really happy with that because I love anything rose. I really like Ulta3’s nail polish but don’t have much experience with any other products so I’m happy to give this a go. I think this will be another nice one for holidays and the summer for a natural beachy look.


The bonus product is a sample of Carefree Ultra Thins. I personally hate getting samples like this because I buy my preference myself. I dunno, maybe other people like this stuff though.


I also got some Skin Magic Tea. They’ve been in every bag for the last three months but this time I got four sachets. I like the taste and didn’t have any nasty side effects so I’ll definitely be drinking them.

Overall I’m really happy with this month’s Lust Have It. As you can see the value on the products are much higher than the price I paid which was $19.95. If you’re interested in Lust Have It  click here for more info.

Louise xxx

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