Aqi Skincare Acne Range Review 


Hi Everyone!

I’ve said in the past that I had terrible acne in my teens that has gone but I still get a bad breakout every now and again. What woman doesn’t?! I know how having these skin problems can really get you down and today I’m writing about some products that have made a difference to my skin during my breakouts and I think these products will make all the difference to you too.

The Aqi skincare range for acne prone skin clears up my breakout in 2-3 days and they don’t leave my skin dry like other spot treatments. This is a god send to me because if you can’t even cover up the spots because of  dry flakes then what can you do! Aqi’s acne rage has  4 products. A cleanser, toner, moisturiser and spot gel.

I’m a huge fan of using products that are full of natural ingredients and even by just smelling them you can tell that these products are full of natural ingredients. I’ll talk you through each product in the range one by one.


**Foaming Facial Wash

The cleanser comes in a handy pump bottle which I like. You simply pump some of the product onto your hands and massage into a wet face. I was a little worried because these types of foaming face washes tend to really drying but it doesn’t foam up like other foaming washes I’ve had before. I think this is because of the natural ingredients. It also didn’t make my skin dry at all. It left my skin squeaky clean.

IMG_3871 (1)

I’ll admit that this doesn’t smell all that pleasant, it reminds me of rescue remedy which some people might like. The smell is very herbal and natural. The smell doesn’t bother me so much that I wouldn’t use it and because it does a great job I look past the smell.

Overall rating 9/10


**Clarifying Toner

I love this toner so much! I can’t begin to tell you how how clean my face is after using.  Even when I cleanse my face really well this toner picks up so much more makeup etc. It’s not dying, it smells natural and it leaves my skin really really soft. This is something I’m going to buy again and again!


Overall Rating: 10/10


**Balancing Lotion

For me, this cream is best used as a night cream. It leaves my skin really hydrated but slightly sticky so I prefer not to use it during the day. After using this at night my skin feels hydrated and soft.

IMG_3873 (1)

It doesn’t have a scent which is something I really like. I know this is going to be gentle on my sensitive skin.

The packaging is fab! It comes with a pump chick is really handy.

Overall Rating 7/10


Spot Treatment

I’ve  review the spot treating gel in a previous post. You need to check this out! This gel has not only worked for me but it’s worked for my friend and her friend too! Click here to read this review.

I usually find acne treatments very drying but these products don’t dry out the spot or your skin so while the products do there thing I can still wear makeup without having really visible dry patches on my spots.

This skincare range also has the cutest packaging which feels very luxurious but prices are very reasonable.

Buy From:

You can pick up here or in store at Target. All products are RRP $15.95


What are your holy grail acne treatments? Will you give this a go?

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**Disclamer: This is not a sponsored post but these product have been provided to me to try. All opinions and views expressed are my own and always are and will be 100% honest. This review is based on my personal experience using these products. I am not a skincare specialist and I will not be held liable for my recommendations.

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