MAC Lipstick Dupe Alert!

If like me and you’re a lover of lipsticks and a lover of MAC lipsticks then you‘ll want to keep reading. I’ve found a colour dupe for one of my favourite MAC lipsticks that I’m sure you’ll love too!

IMG_5212 (1)

Check out this picture and guess which one you think is MAC, Rimmel and Primark/Pennys. Everyone I’ve asked has gotten it wrong hehehe I’m seriously smug about finding this dupe.


MAC All Fired Up

MAC All Fired Up is a classic pinky romantic red. It’s one of my favourites because the colour really suits my pale complexion and I don’t need to reapply at all! I’m seriously lazy when it comes to reapplying my lipstick so when I put it on I want it to last all night and this one certainly does.

This is a retro matte finish and I know this finish isn’t for everyone. I’m lucky enough that I don’t find these lipsticks drying but I know some people do. If you’re a lover of Ruby Woo, you will love this lipstick but if you find this one drying, you may even prefer one of the dupes!



Rimmel The Only One Shade 510

This lipstick comes from the newly released collection from Rimmel that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. As soon as I spotted this pinky red I just knew that I’d spotted a colour dupe and I wasn’t wrong. It’s identical in colour.

If you’re not a lover of matte lipsticks you will love this lipstick. It applies like a dream and has a super comfortable, creamy satin finish. The colour is vibrant and long lasting. It goes on in one coat and leaves a stain on the lips which I like.

I can’t wait to get more of these shades. I’m excited to see purple and plum shades making a comeback!


Pennys/Primark Matte Lipstick

This lipstick doesn’t seem to have a shade unfortunately but I hope you can tell which one it is from the picture. The formula is similar to MAC All Fired Up but it’s not as matte and it goes on much smoother because of this.

The colour is a complete dupe in my opinion. Being picky it’s not as opaque and takes two coats to get the colour you see on my wrist. I’m very happy with the quality of the lipstick especially considering the price point at no more than 2.50! Bargain!

This lipstick is another long lasting one, lasting at least 4-5 hours.

Buy From:


Unfortunately these aren’t available in Australia but you can place an order with Little Luxuries From Home . These girls will shop for you and send it over.


Pick these up in Pennys!


 Do you think you’ll be picking up any of these beauties?


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Louise xxx

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15 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Dupe Alert!

  1. katshepsutt says:

    Yeah well Louise I sure guessed wrong ha ha! They all look so good on you hon. I’m keen to try the Rimmel one – I’ve only picked up an orangey red from this new range, loving the formula xxx

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