Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne Before April

It’s coming to the end of summer but it’s not all doom and gloom because of come up with a list of 10 things to do before the start of April. I love Melbourne so much and since I’ve moved here from Ireland I’ve gone to many events here that have been so much fun a lot have been free or reasonably priced! This is a must read for those not originally from Melbourne looking to experience something new!

Cinema At The ‘G

Date: Friday 12th February and Saturday 13th  February


Sports fans and cinema lovers have the opportunity to watch a movie in the MCG! The open air cinema is open for two nights, Friday 12 February and Saturday 13 February. Friday night’s movie is Million Dollar Arm and Saturday night’s is Martian. Ticket prices for adults are pretty reasonable at $27 a pop and the proceeds go to charity which is great!

This to me sounds like the perfect Valentines date for couples or the perfect girls night.

For more info and to buy tickets click here.


St Kilda Festival

Date: Sunday February 14th

ST Kilda Festival

This is an amazing FREE day out in St Kilda. When I first arrived in Australia this was one of the first events we went to and it’s still one of my favourite memories of my time here. So many things happen during the festival but the main thing will be the free concert. It’s a really good day out!

For more information click here.



Date: Thursday February 18th


It’s the national sport of Australia and if you haven’t seen a match yet then it’s an absolute must. Aussie sports fans are patiently waiting for the season to officially start but pre-season games start next Thursday. Tickets are very reasonable and it’s a great day/night out.

For information click here

Tomato Battle Melbourne

Date: Saturday February 20th at 1pm

Tomato battle

If you’ve heard the stories of La Tomatino in Spain then you’ll know what you’re in for with Melbourne’s Tomato Battle. It promises to be the ultimate food fight. If you’re concerned about food wastage then fear no more. The tomatoes will come from Kapiris Bro.s Farms and they will be spoiled or over-ripe tomatoes.

The Tomato Battle is in association with a charity called FeedOne and you have the option to donate when you register.

This looks like messy fun and people are encouraged to dress up and wear some goggles! For more info and to register click here.

White Night

Date: February 20th at 7 pm until February 21st at 7am

White NIght

White Night is your chance to take some pictures of Melbourne in literally a different light. Iconic buildings, some streets, laneways and public areas will feature light displays. There’ll also be street performances and live music all night. It’s a big street party with lots of shops etc. staying open to really late. It’s not one to miss.

For more information click here

Moomba Festival

Date: March 11th to March 14th


This is probably the best festival in Melbourne so I can tell why it’s been running for 60 years. There’s so much going on during this festival with plenty of things to suit all tastes and ages.

For more information click here


Kendrick Lamar

Date: March 21st


Compton rapper will be here in March and this is one I don’t want to miss. There’s still some tickets left so grab them from Ticketek while you can.


Fiddler On the Roof

Date: Tickets Now Available


Seeing a show in Melbourne is an absolute must. Fiddler On The Roof was one of the first shows I ever seen as a child and this is one that will bring back lots of memories.

For more information or to buy tickets click here



Date: Tickets Now Available


If Fiddler On The Roof doesn’t sound like your thing then maybe Ghost the musical will be. This one would be perfect for a romantic date or a night out with the girls.

For more information and tickets click here


Melbourne Comedy Festival

Date: March 23rd-April 17th


Going to a comedy show is an absolute must! Go to a couple if you can. Many of the tickets are very reasonably priced and there are tonnes of shows to choose from and plenty to suit everyone’s taste.

For more information on shows and tickets click here

Do you think you’ll attend any of these events? Comment below and let me know.

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Picture Source: Each Events Website

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