Thin Lizzy 7 Piece Loose Minerals Starter Kit

I had never tried any mineral powder makeup before so I was delighted to be gifted this 7 Piece Loose Minerals Starter Kit* from Thin Lizzy to try out. I was already a massive fan of their concealer crème so I was dying to give these products a go as soon as they arrived.

The kit comes with 7 pieces including 2 brushes, a concealer, 2 foundations, a bronzing/contour powder and a finishing powder. I was really happy that the box included a detailed step by step guide to use the kit. I wouldn’t have known what to do without it.


You first apply the concealer to areas you’d like to have more coverage such as dark circles and blemishes. You then apply the mineral foundation using the pink brush. Then you apply the 6in1 Professional Powder which is a bronzing/contour powder. The last step is to apply the Airbrush Veil powder which is a finishing powder.


The brushes are very soft. They pick up the product well and apply each powder evenly on the skin. I didn’t notice any fall out hairs from either brush when I was using them and overall I was very impressed with them. Every makeup lover will know from experience that brushes that come with makeup are usually not very good and I usually never use them. These brushes are a different story altogether. I really like them.


Although the pack I got was in the shade light the concealer was unfortunately way too dark for me. It came in the shade Duchess and it was the biggest disappointment for me. I already own a lighter shade of this concealer and I love it. Luckily I was able to use this instead. If you’re pale skinned I would recommend testing out the shade before buying the pack.  The concealer is one of my go to products. It’s a full coverage concealer that doesn’t crease or cling to dry patches. I’d highly recommend it!


The foundation powders were a good match for me. It’s handy that there’s two different colours (Duchess & Oriental Doll) in the pack and they can be mixed to make your desired shade. The foundation glides on really nicely and it’s easy to blend out on the skin.

These foundations don’t stick to my dry patches or look cakey. If you’ve visible pores I’d recommend using a pore filling primer. I have visible pores so the first time I used the foundation I wasn’t impressed but when used in conjunction with Benefit POREfessional or Arbonne primer I had really nice results.

The coverage paired with the concealer is a light to medium coverage. I think it’s absolutely perfect for days I want to look more natural. It lasts about 5 hours on my face without having to do any touch ups.

IMG_5486 (1)

The 6in1 powder is the powder used for bronzing/contouring. I found this a little difficult to try and sculpt out cheekbones, this is probably because I don’t have any (ha!) but also because I found the brush difficult to use for this. It worked perfectly in all other areas though and I really like the colour. It warms up the face without looking orange.

The Airbrish Veil finishing powder is joint favourite with the concealer. It’s a gorgeous illuminating powder that’s subtle and natural. It makes your skin appear much brighter and glowing. I’ve been using this with other foundations too and it works really really well.


The whole look created is very bright and natural. It feels like there’s nothing on my face at all it is that light weight.


Overall, I’m really impressed by the kit with exception of the concealer shade. I really enjoyed trying out mineral makeup and I’m actually surprised by coverage and how it looked on my skin (in a good way!). If I was to recommend a couple of products from the kit I would definitely buy the concealer, the Airbrush Veil finishing powder and the pink brush. The kit is excellent value for money though at $59.99.

The kit comes in shades light, medium and dark and is good value for money at $59.99. You can pick this up from the Thin Lizzy site or in store at Priceline.


Have you ever tried any of these products before?

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*this is not a sponsored post however I was kindly gifted this product. All opinions expressed in this post are as always my own honest opinion.



10 thoughts on “Thin Lizzy 7 Piece Loose Minerals Starter Kit

  1. Beth at says:

    Thanks for this review! I’d seen the ads and infomercial and wondered how good it actually was. Shame about the colour not matching on the concealer though. I wonder if those Australis Lightning drops might work as they do for foundation?

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