Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill

Highlighting those cheekbones is a trend that doesn’t look set to disappear anytime soon. Everyone is just loving that glow!! The hype surrounding Beccas Champagne Pop just hadn’t died down since its release in 2015 and the Sephora here is Australia is constantly selling out.

Champagne Pop was designed by makeup artist turned YouTube sensation Jacyln Hill for makeup brand Becca. If you’re a fan of Jacyln and if you follower her on Snapchat you will know that she always looks flawless, as does her highlight. I’m a huge fan! Becca is a company that are famous for the highlighting powders and primers. I’ve a list the length of my arm of the products I still need to try from this brand.
Is this product worth the hype? Most definitely and there’s lots of reasons why!
Product Claims:
‘A creamy powder luminizer that absorbs and reflects light for a superb natural glow.’
My Thoughts:
The powder is extremely finally milled and while it’s buttery there’s isn’t any fall out. It makes a lot of other highlighting powders feel powdery even when I never would have said they were. There’s absolutely no hint of chunks of glitter and the powder makes you glow with one quick, light sweep. It’s very easy to use.
The colour is obviously a champagne as per the name but it’s a soft peach colour which will look good on a lot of skin tones. I was actually a bit worried about the colour because I’m quite fair but I’ve a neutral to yellow tone to my skin so if you’re similar to me then this will suit you too.
The finished look is stunning. This powder certainly knows how to reflect ALL of the light. While I wouldn’t exactly agree that it’s natural I would definitely say that it’s beautiful.
A little goes a long way with this powder. You could go overboard if you go in with a heavy hand. If you like someone more natural then be careful. I love use my Real Techniques setting brush. It’s soft and fluffy and allows you to build up the product. A fan brush would also be great to use with this product.
If you have large pores or scarring I’d recommend not being so heavy handed but I think this goes for all highlighting products. Highlight can really emphasise the skin texture.
This is a real pop of highlight that I absolutely adore. From the formula, to the shade and to the packaging, it’s just an all round perfect product in my opinion. Here’s a look at what it’s like on the skin.
If you’re in Ireland but you can order through Sephora if you use parcel motel. Sinead from The Beautiful Truth has explained how on her blog.

If you’re into your highlights then this product is a must have in my opinion! Have you tried it yet?

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Louise xxx

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12 thoughts on “Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill

    1. Beyoutyfulyou says:

      Aw thank you so much! Definitely on the pricey side but I got it for my birthday in January. It’s a great gift for a makeup lover. It’s so so pretty even in the packaging 😍


  1. talsbeautyopinion says:

    Great review! I haven’t jumped on the wagon of highlights yet, but this one is getting such great reviews and I love Jacyln that I might be tempted to splurge and buy it!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. katshepsutt says:

    Oh boy, this is going on my wishlist for sure, in fact it might just hit the top spot! You’ve applied it so expertly hon, and it looks fabulous – thanks for a beaut review of something I could most definitely use xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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