Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette

The Morphe 35O palette has been selling out constantly since its release and you’ve no idea how many mailing lists I was on until I finally got to order one. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype then the simple answer is YES! Absolutely! I have so many reason why it’s worth the hype and today I’m going to explain why.


The Morphe 35O palette is an eyeshadow palette with shades full of colours of nature. All of the colours remind me of autumn (fall) with browns, oranges, greens and reds featuring in this palette. If you love warm tones then you will love this palette. If you have blue eyes then this is absolute necessity in your life.

There’s lots of different finishes in the palette including matte, satin, foil, duo chrome and shimmer. This palette has it all!

Every shadow is highly pigmented but they all differ in texture. Most of them are soft and buttery  with the exception of a couple of matte shades that are a little harder than the others. Every shade that I’ve used has been long lasting and only one creased over time. This was the foil shade which I will point out when I go through the swatches.


Swatch Time!

All my swatches are without primer and one swipe so you can see how pigmented they are.

First Row 


The first two are my favourite base colours in the palette. The white doesn’t really show on my skin because I’m so pale.

Second Row


I love this row! The second and third shadows are duo chrome. I love the pinky gold and orange gold shimmer to them. They’re a really nice addition to the palette and something that makes this palette stands out from the rest. The fifth shadow is one of my favourite transition colours. It’s so bright and really warms up every look.

Third Row


The first one on this row is quite hard but still a pretty colour. The sixth shadow would be one of the shadows I’d describe as a foil finish. It’s super buttery and so pretty. This is the only shadow that creases over time. I think it’s perfect for a night out though and I forgive the creasing because it’s so pretty.

Fourth Row



The second shadow is the only other shadow I would describe as a foil. It’s a gorgeous copper bronze shade. The third shadow is another one that’s quite hard and requires a bit of blending but as you can see it’s still highly pigmented.

Last Row


There’s so many mattes in the last row and they’re all perfect for darkening up the crease and the outer v. The last two shadows are beautiful! They’re two of my favourite from the whole palette.



Check out some of the looks I’ve created using the palette


Morphe is an American company however they do ship internationally or you can purchase their palettes on Beauty Bay.

I can’t wait to buy some more palettes from Morphe! Next on my list is 35N palette.

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