Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick Review

Hi Girls,

I love love LOVE Maybelline lip products in general. They have amazing colour choices and finishes.  I always seem to end up with at least one of their lip products every time I go to a chemist! Over the last couple of months I’ve been using their Color Drama lip products again and again. I have to say, they live up to their name with their bright and vibrant colours!

Product Claims:

‘Surrender to all out colour! Color Sensational brings a new super saturated velvet lipstick in a hot new pencil format! With a semi-matte finish, lips go bold with a new intensity

Why You’ll Love It

  • Our slim pencil packs double the pigments of ordinary lipstick.
    Contours and fills lips.
    • Nourishing oils enrich our formula for a smooth semi-matte, velvet finish.

For Best Results

Apply around the lip line, then lightly blend to the centre. Apply as needed for a fuller look’.

My Thoughts:

These are soft and creamy in texture and the colour is very opaque after one coat. All except one of the colours I have are a semi-matte finish with the shade Minimalist being more of a sheer finish. They are all very comfortable and are not drying whatsoever.

Because they are pencil shaped you get more of a precise line than with a lipstick alone which is great considering how bright they are. I find I still need a lip liner with the darker shades but I think that is expected.

The range has 10 shades which means there’s something for everyone. There are pinks, reds, purples and nudes. The shades I have are Berry Much, In With Coral, Red Essential and Minimalist.

Berry Much
Berry Much
In With Coral
In With Coral
Red Essential
Red Essential

If you are into dramatic lips this is the lip product you will want to try. They are perfect to use to dress up a simple eye look. The only downside is that I probably wouldn’t wear these lipsticks to dinner because they will smudge.

This is an amazing product for such a small price and I think they are completely underrated!

Overall Rating:


Buy From:


You can pick these up in Priceline for $9.95. Click here


Boots have these for 6.99. Click here 

Let me know if you have any of these, I’d love to hear from you!

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